Now several years back, me and my first bride
Were going to South America, her mother lived there
So we hopped on a bird for the ride
Seemed like a good idea at the time and I didít care

We landed in a metropolis they called Miami, big place
They herded us off the bird into a holding pen
Until another bird could take us to another place
I was young and dumb, all I had was a big olí silly grin

We had a three hour wait, my bride found a shop to buy many things
She was pretty good at that
I found me a place to buy a cold beer
I went in and there I sat

Well I was rolliní my own smokes at the time, PA was the brand
When I got my whistle wet, went back outside
Ready for a smoke as I pulled out the can
Relaxiní, waiting for the next bird ride

I squatted down in the alleyway, people a goiní everywhere
Never seen so many, like they knew where they were going
And I was wanting to get out of there
My nerves were twisted all up, just not knowing

With paper in hand, some tobacco I poured out
Rolled her tight, then I looked from under the brim of my hat
There were six legs in police pants standing there, no doubt
And there I sat

One said, Cowboy, just what do you think you are doing
I just told him in a kind way, just a rolliní a smoke officer, why
Then I got to thinking
They thought it was one of them funny smokes by the look in their eyes

Sure you are, you want to come with us now, figured I was treed
Well then I showed him my can of PA
Well he took a big old smell of it and agreed
That it was not loco weed, but I was smokiní PA

They just laughed, as he gave me some advice
Now, why don't you buy a pack of ready rolls while youíre here
Well he didnít have to tell me twice
Save you a lot of trouble, he made that pretty clear

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