Did you ever just sit there and watch an old windmill spin
When a breeze was blowing through the air
Bringing cool water to the top of the ground
As that old windmill would spin
So an old cow would have a drink of water and prayer
From an old squeaky windmill without grease, what a sound

Wondering if it will make it another day
Or if the well won’t pump anymore
Then what will you do
You got to do more than pray
Pull them pipes and rods, just like before
So that old windmill will pump water like it used to

Did you ever dig a post hole or two
From dawn until the sun went down
A shovel and a crowbar were your defense
Thinking, this isn’t what a cowboy’s supposed to do
Hot summer sun, thinking of Saturday night and of going to town
Sweating and cussing, stuck on this damned old fence

Did you ever, late at night, pray for a million rain drops to hit around you
And get stuck in the mud the next day
All of the water gaps be washed out
So some grass could grow for them old cows to chew
You see, old cowboys kind of think this way
This is what cowboying is all about

Did you ever think why God gave you two hands for you to use
There are several reasons for this
See if you will not agree
To put your hands together, pray to God, that Him you will never lose
To shake the hand of a neighbor, and a hug, and a kiss
Folded hands on bent knees, you and me

It all comes back to the old windmill, and the way that it will spin
Just a very big part of a true cowboy
Just like boots and spurs and a horse and a cow
Like the rowels on a spurs, they will all spin
If you’ve seen these things, well then, I guess you’re a cowboy
Did you ever – well, I guess that’s for you to know

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